March 26, 2011

Ten Things I've Learned from Teaching

1. Love is key to everything
2. I can not go in a store without finding something I NEED for my classroom.
3. Thank goodness scholastic does not have a charge account :)
4. When I have a baby it may never have a name.

5. Teaching is never ending
6. We are all broke before we get our next pay check
7. The cuter the better
8. Every year I start off missing my children from the previous year, and wonder how in the world the new kids are going be as sweet.  Then I end the year crying because I love them so much!.

9. The kid who drives you the most crazy is NEVER sick! EVER!

10. Having car duty is never a good thing!


JenniferL said...

Loving #4- so true! All of my fave baby names can never be used! (And I cringe when a friend picks one of those names for their baby)

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