April 01, 2011

You know you teach kindergarten when....

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You Know You're a Teacher When...

You know you teach kindergarten when......

- You are randomly walking through Wal-Mart saying Shh Shh for no reason.
- You get the office to call just as soon as they receive a NEW Scholastic order for you!!
-You make cupcakes but you make two special ones without icing.
-Junie B. Jones is your hero
-you can't spell a thing, because you are so used to sounding out the word
-you use more boxes of kleenex than wal-mart sells
- You NEVER drink from a water fountain
-You love when the stores put out school supplies and you can compare who has the best deal.
-the dollar tree is your Friday night hangout
-You give children in public the "LOOK" and they stop misbehaving.
-You get notes that say," Johnny has an extra pair of underwear in case he accidentally poops his pants." Well would he do it on purpose???
-Glue sticks are never big enough.
-I may add more later after I think about it!  I am sure to think of something..... :)


KindergartenWorks said...

Ha ha! I love the Dollar Tree on a weekend too! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Scoma said...

I love the Dollar Tree, as well... in fact, last night, hubby and I hit the Dollar Tree, Deals, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Savers! :)


Abby said...

I *love* Junie B!!! She never fails to crack me right up!

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