June 21, 2011

This year I am really wanting to put more emphasis on math. I don't have many math centers and so my goal is to work on building them up. One game that I do already have is my math tubes. They are wonderful and my kids love them. I bought some of the soda bottle tubes from Steve Spangler.   You can find them here. They DO NOT break! YAY!! I then took small manipulatives such as erasers and put different amounts in each tube. The children can open the tube and then count the manipulatives and match them to the right number cards. (this is just one example.)They then place the manipulatives back in the tube. They absolutely love this game. If you wanted you could put water in the tubes with manipaultives and have them count without oppening the tube. (just make sure you E-6000 so it does not leak)  They really love this too!  You can add oils and waters for color mixing, letters and matching sound manipulatives, different textures, etc.  The posibbilities are endless!  Sorry I don't have a picture to share. :(  My computer got a crazt terrible virus and crashed, and I have to pack everything up at school.  i hope you can visualize!  :) 

Thanks also to all my followers!  I promise once I get my computer fixed (or get a new one) I will be posting more!!!  Also, if you haven't already join our Newbie Teacher giveaway!! 


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