June 21, 2011

Take-Home Readers Linky Party

It is always very hectic trying to figure out how to organize who gets what etc. What I do (and it literally takes me about 5 minutes in the morning) I have a list in each child's take home bag. The list is typed with all the titles of the books I have available for them to take home. I check off each day what book they get, and they read and parents signs the paper and sends back the following day. I switch the books around and send home again. It is sooo quick, and I can see who is reading and who is not. If the child does not read it I send it home again. The kids get a variety of books this way and the parents are held accountable for listening or reading with their child each night!! What do you do??? Link up at Time 4 Kindergarten.


Mrs. Mugurussa said...

Hmm a list hadn't thought of that one- good idea, thanks for linking up
Time 4 Kindergarten

Miss W said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing

Miss W

Miss W Teaches

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