February 01, 2012

Dinosaurs and Underwear Oh My!

Are they not the cutest dinosaurs ever!  We also wrote some facts about dinosaurs to hang up with these cuties.  Later this week pictures will be up of our egg hunt.......


Jenny said...

I take it you read them the book "Dinosaurs love Underpants". I love the underpants books!!! We make aliens with underpants.

Kinderpond said...

Love the photos!!!!!


Miss S. said...

I love these little guys! so creative!
I just found you tonight and I am utterly enjoying the posts!
I'm a new follower!

Miss S
Just Teaching...Kindergarten

Kimberly said...

Love your blog! I'm from S.C. too! Glad I found you! :)

Mrs. Bahls said...

Love that story! We are incorporating a dinosaur unit into our curriculum right now...I'm so excited:) Would you be willing to share or post your templates for this lesson? Your kiddos did a great job!

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